Thank you for visiting Lincoln Dog Training, a service dedicated to helping you and your dog enjoy a wonderful partnership. DogPoweredFun is located in Lincoln, Massachusetts and is run by Meghan Lytton, CPDT-KA. 




At Lincoln Dog Training, we believe that training should be fun for both the owner and dog. I use exclusively rewards-based, marker training for all of my clients



I have been involved in running and training dogs for over ten years. My work with dogs started with training Siberian Huskies for mushing. After working with dogs primarily in this capacity, I quickly learned the value of combining obedience training with practical canine exercise programs. I spent 2018-19 working as an apprentice for Judy Bernard, CCPDT-KA, at Proper Paws Dog Training in West Concord. In early 2019, I became fully certified by the Certified Council for Professional Dog Trainers.


I live in Lincoln with my family, which includes 4 Siberian Huskies with whom I mush and engage in almost every dryland sport including canicross, bikejoring, rigging and scootering. 


Prior to my career in dog training, I worked in management consulting and healthcare. I feel incredibly fortunate to now be able to dedicate myself to helping people with their dogs. If you are interested in learning more about me and my approach to training, please watch my introduction video.