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"We can’t recommend Meghan highly enough! My husband and I are first-time dog owners and adopted our dog Ginny – a very sweet but completely untrained one-year-old terrier-hound mix who had been abandoned – during the pandemic. After several months of us trying to train Ginny ourselves using online resources, we were really struggling to make headway on even basic commands and felt like we couldn’t take her anywhere in public because of her extreme leash reactivity. We consider ourselves immensely lucky to have found Meghan to help us with these challenges, as her training was transformative, for both Ginny and us. After five individual sessions with Meghan, we’ve seen a significant change in Ginny’s behavior and, more importantly, we feel equipped and empowered with the right tools to continue to make progress. Meghan is a skilled, responsive, and adaptable teacher. She always sets realistic goals and imparts clear, practical, and evidence-based lessons on how to manage and change behaviors. Our sessions with her never felt like work though, as she’s such a friendly and engaging person with an obvious passion for dog training. We’re so grateful to Meghan for helping us on our journey as new dog owners and don’t know what we’d have done without her!"

Anna and Russell 

"A much-belated thank you for your help! We have used the crate while we eat, and it works SO well. And he also spends a daily time in the crate in my bedroom. This has been a godsend! Time well spent last Wednesday. I really appreciate how far we’ve come since you came into Bobbi’s (and our) life! (So many exclamation points, and I mean every one of them.)"


"I took Frankie for a walk in a new dog friendly spot today and he KILLED it. I could not have been more proud.

There were so many runners, off leash dogs, and on leash dogs. He responded calmly to leash pressure the whole time and stayed right at my side! We ended up behind two off leash dogs, which made it hard to avoid saying hello since they ran right up to Frankie. Frankie did a “1, 2, 3” greeting with them and then we actually ended up parallel walking with them for almost a mile. It was pretty amazing!

I am SO thankful for your support with leash training. It has made walks so much easier for me and Frankie!"


"I wanted to give you an update and share what I consider great progress with Henry through what you taught us.  I decided to just bring Henry out this AM to see if he has learned anything. Used his harness and regular leash.  He has really caught on.  Walked next to me 85% of the time, rarely pulled, and actually looked at me when I made smooch sounds.  So happy.  With continued work he will get there. I have also attached a video from yesterday.  His recall is not perfect yet but he is getting better.  We worked on that this week as well.  Thank you for everything and have a wonderful long weekend!"


"We are so happy to have connected with you and are excited about doing this work together. We practiced a lot yesterday and will keep doing so. Charlie will be excited to have some bully sticks in his life :-)!"


"Thank you so much! We were so encouraged after our session on Saturday. We also took Mochi for a walk near a pond in Weston and he did SO well passing other dogs on leash without barking or growling. He even got to try swimming a little bit with three very sweet gentle dogs off leash. He was in heaven! We're excited for our next session."

Brian & Kendra

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